Peer Provider- Fulltime/Partime | Longview

Job scope:

The Peer Provider position is fully integrated within the psychosocial team and provides individualized supports and services under the direct supervision of a LPHA according to an established plan of care to assist individuals in attaining desired service outcomes as specified in TAC 25 Part II Chapter 419, Subchapter 419, Subchapter L Medicaid Mental Health Rehabilitative Services; TACT 25 Part II Chapter 412 Subchapter G Mental Health Community Service Standards; and, Resiliency and Disease Management Toolkit The Peer Provider position utilizes approaches that are inclusive of recovery orientation that assist persons in being able to live, work and participate in their home communities. Services may include skills training that help further individuals independent functioning in the community and may include self advocacy skills, use of leisure time, linkage to natural supports, coordination activities, social skills training and related peer support activities. Services shall typically be provided in individuals' natural environment. When appropriate skills based curriculum is utilized that provides a structured approach to systematically teach individuals specific behaviors and skills. Requires the ability to establish good personal boundaries and be able to effectively communicate with a very hetero genius population.


Current valid driver's license in state of residence.

Graduation from High School or Equivalency 


Prior experience as a recipient of public mental health treatment or rehabilitation services.

Ability to effectively communicate with a wide range of individuals.

Demonstrates ability to construction grammatically correct descriptive paragraphs.

Ability and willingness to follow job related instructions and accept supervision.

Displays ability to maintain appropriate personal boundaries.

Physical requirements that are bona fide occupational qualifications essential to the performance of the job:

Must be able to adequately complete SAMA, First Aid and CPR tasks.

Work endurance sufficient to work an 8 hour day.

Minimum Hiring Hourly Salary: $16.00