Residential Coordinator

Job scope:

Helps people achieve dignity, independence and their dreams by facilitating a safe and therapeutic environment and ensuring all residents of Cypress Manor and Pegues are knowledgeable of residential rules/expectations.  Formally inspects the residences quarterly and documenting any non compliance issues, and holding quarterly resident meetings.  Assists in enforcing house rules, and maintains order at the residential programs, collecting and depositing of rent in a timely manner.  Maintains monthly receipt book, cash receipt coding form, and copy of deposit slips for Cypress Manor & Pegues Place.  Serves as the Site Safety Officer for both Cypress Manor & Pegues Place.   

Requires 50 Accountable Hours per month for clients in Units 535, 536, 540, and 561; responsible for providing direct client services; completing appropriate documentation for Medicaid, Department of State Health Services, and HUD standards.  Provides individual skills training in psychosocial rehabilitative services including social, educational, behavioral, and cognitive interventions that address deficits in individuals' ability to develop and maintain social relationships, educational achievement, and independent living skills that are the result of a severe and persistent mental illness in adults.


Bachelors's degree in Human Services that meets the requirements of Qualified Mental Health Professional.  Current valid driver's license in state of residence.


Three years' experience with good written and oral communication skills.  Ability to make independent judgments

Physical requirements that are bona fide occupational qualifications essential to the performance of the job:

Ability to perform lifesaving activities such as CPR and SAMA techniques.  Visual and auditory acuity sufficient to evaluate and attend to and monitor client needs.